The Shift


Reality is the opposite of a dream. And the truth is, if you want to make your dreams happen, the path has quite a lot of reality in it! Moving to Texas and opening a farm-stay is a really big… actually a huge undertaking. We knew that if we sold our home in California that we would have some equity to play with in starting our new life. Not nearly enough to fund this dream though. Really not even enough to outright purchase the land we would need, let alone build a house. We quickly realized that building a successful farm-stay that sustained our family financially would probably take years to build and grow. We needed income. A full time career and a growing business, while raising and homeschooling four boys could work… but maybe there was a different path. Something a little more fitting for this season of our life.

Here’s where opening the door and letting God lead comes into play. With both of us agreeing that moving to Texas was indeed a possibility if the right opportunities presented themselves, Joseph decided to inquire about employment within his current company. Low and behold, business is booming out there in his industry! Door wide open! His company is headquartered in Dallas with locations all over the state, and more locations opening. What it came down to was that he was offered a promotion into his ideal career for us to move to Texas! This career would afford him the opportunity to take ownership of and build his business to his hearts content, with the support of a successful nationwide company. Prayers answered? Absolutely!

Knowing we could make the move to Texas with financial security opened yet another…. actually lots of doors of possibilities. Our dream of purchasing land, building a house and opening a farm-stay was within reach! It could totally happen! But, was that really what we wanted? Funny… dreams let you see all of the sparkle and glamour. When it’s right there in front of you, reality reminds you of the grueling hard work day in and day out. We knew that we would both need to be in it 100% to make this farm-stay successful. So we brainstormed different scenarios and talked about what those different lives would look like.

Farmstay with a full time, new career – Hard, hard, hard work with no weekends off for the foreseeable future. Obtain a construction loan, live in camping trailer during the build.

Land with a new build – our personal little farm with lots of space for our boys to run, jump and play. Basically a farm-stay without the stay! Still have to obtain a construction loan and live in our trailer during the build.

Just buy a house on land – Animals, yes. Space for boys to run, yes. And renovations….

We were beginning to realizing that land might not be what we want right now after all, in this stage of life. If we were able to both be working on and living on our land full time, it sounded appealing. But, with Joseph having to be very focused on a new exciting career, he’s just not going to want to come home to work on the property. And I certainly had no interest in doing it by myself with my boys. We felt a shift that was leading us in a different direction.

That’s when I stumbled upon an MLS listing for a brand new house on an acre of land. Well, we could handle an acre! That would actually be perfect! Bonus, Texas is flat unlike the acre on a hill we have now!

New option not previously considered – New build home on one acre. No construction loan needed. We can live in a rental house during the build.

We have a winner!! It’s obviously a huge shift from our farm-stay dream. But, really it’s everything that we want for our family right now. One acre is plenty of space for a few animals and for our boys to stretch their legs. Joseph’s new career provides him the with the fulfillment he’d been looking for to build his own business. I get to design and create a gorgeous, brand new home to welcome friends and family to. We get to move to Texas, A State that shares our values and has the beautiful wide open spaces we so love. Being closer to town and living in a neighborhood will be an easier way to connect with people. Since we’ll be new to the state that became an important factor for us.

Something we love about The Lone Star State is the freedoms it affords to its residents. As a business friendly state, there’s a high likelihood of success in whatever you choose to do. Our hope is that once we’re settled into our new life, and Joseph is established in his new career that we’ll be in a position to purchase the land that originally drew us to Texas. From there, maybe a farm-stay. Maybe something else. Our dreams can carry us then shift into a beautiful reality.

6 thoughts on “The Shift”

  1. I love this! Maybe God used the farm stay dream as a push to get you to Texas, but maybe He has something different for you there. You just never know what God has planned. I love that you’re willing to keep asking, keep thinking, keep options open.

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    1. Yes!! That’s exactly how we feel too!! We’re both SO excited to see what the future holds. In the meantime, we feel like we’re on exactly the right path ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for your encouragement!!!! 💝💝💝💝


  2. Enjoyed reading on paper how God led you to this point. You have a clarity of thought. Although terribly sad to see you relocate, we can’t help but be excited for you and the fam…. XOXOXO

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