Big Dreams


Are you a big dreamer? Do you have big ideas? If so, do you act on them? What do you do to make your dreams a reality? I’m a big dreamer!! I probably come up with a new idea at least once per month. When we went to Texas this spring , my hubby and I had SO MUCH FUN dreaming! So much fun in fact that it really is what sparked our initial interest in moving there.

We have always wanted to build a home. We love inviting friends and family to our home. We love creating a space where everyone feels welcome. We love land! We love nature and animals. We love hard work and creating. When we were in Texas, a long time dream that we’ve had was again sparked and expanded upon. A big idea, big dream. We were dreaming of opening a farm-stay. Buying a large piece of land, building a beautiful home, adding in animals, creating a gorgeous and manicured property complete with little mini farmhouses for people to stay in and a big barn built specially for guests and events! I imagined myself cooking a homemade farm breakfast for our guests in our beautiful barn. Our boys leading tours of the property to play with chickens and goats, watch horses run and ducks splash around in the pond. I had dreams of a full blooming garden full of flowers, fruits and vegetables that we could sell at our farmstand along with other beautifully packaged homemade crafts and goods. This dream went on and on… There were so many details!

The fun thing about dreams is the journey to making them your reality. The path is almost always winding with lots of unanticipated turns! And often it turns into a completely different and unexpected road. When we started scheming on how we could turn this dream into a reality, it just wasn’t working out as easily as we thought it would. Money being the main obstacle, we started to re-evaluate our thought process and ask ourselves questions. Could we make this dream happen where we currently live? Why did we choose Texas as the place to make this dream happen? What is attractive about this kind of life? What do we ultimately want for our children? What do we want for ourselves when our children are grown? This really simplified things for us and gave us the perspective we were looking for. The answers…

Yes, we could make this dream a reality where we currently live. Nothing is impossible. It would just be more expensive and much more difficult due to the regulations in CA.

We have always been attracted to Texas. The conservative culture, christian influence and southern hospitality. We love the wide open spaces, many lakes and rivers and how green it is!

We’ve had our own mini farm and really do love it! Especially what it teaches our boys. The hard work that it takes to care for animals with the joy of raising them and spending time with them is a wonderful combination. Wide open spaces to run jump and play on would be an ideal situation for us!

We ultimately want our boys to grow up to be good men who love the Lord and follow His will for their lives while contributing positively to society. We want them to have every opportunity and tool possible, available to them to turn the likelihood of this goal into a reality.

Joseph wants the opportunity to build something! And he wants the freedom to build it up as much as he sees fit. I just enjoy creating a warm, hospitable home to receive friends and family. We both want to retire in a place where our children will have the best chance of success. A place, that if they want to stick around they can. And we want to have a comfortable retired life too!

These questions were of course answered very slowly, over many long night discussions and lots of prayer. Our ultimate findings were that we could indeed thrive and be happy in either place, really anywhere! But, Texas just seemed to have something extra that we had a longing for. It’s then that we decided to put our ideas aside and just open the door. This of course didn’t mean that we were giving up on our dream. We’re just open to whatever path unfolded in front of us. The door could lead us to staying put or seeking a new life in a new place. The important part was that we opened it… to let God lead the way to our dreams and possibly dreams we didn’t even know we had!

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