The Big Move

If you follow me on social media then you know that our family is in the midst of some major life changes! To get to the point, we’re moving to Texas!!!

This was a HUGE decision for our family and was not a decision we came to lightly or quickly. Both Joseph’s and my entire families live here in Southern California. He has lived here for most of his life, and I was born and raised here. Leaving the place that I grew up in, is I’m sure going to be harder than I realize. In addition to missing my family (my mom, brother, grandparents AND my husbands family who is the BEST!!!!!) I will miss the area! I’ll miss traditions like camping at the one beach we camp at every summer, looking at Christmas lights in the same neighborhood every year with friends, desert camping at Agua Caliente in the winter. And even smaller things like buying the giant cookie while visiting Seaport Village in downtown San Diego, riding the ferry to Coronado Island and hiking Stonewall Peak in Cuyamaca. These are the places where I grew up. Places that hold special memories for me. It’s going to be hard to leave.

But, my husband and I have adventurous spirits! Both of us are the type of people who are always looking for ways to grow and expand our horizons. If we want something, we make it happen! We work hard and play hard! We’ve been talking about the idea of moving out of state since we got married 13 years ago. I guess we just weren’t really ready until now. After a family visit, with our four boys, to Texas this spring we knew it was time!

Here are some photos from our Texas trip this spring


We prayed, talked and prayed some more and decided to slowly and carefully to explore the idea further. The more we looked into it, the more it seemed like moving to Texas would be a great opportunity for our family. Living is a state where the majority of people share our family values is ultimately what sealed the deal for us. Once the planning started, door after door seemed to open for us. We know that God can bless us no matter where we live, so He doesn’t necessarily have a preference in where we decide to reside… but we also know that God loves us and cares about every detail of our lives. And we have felt His presence in every detail of this move! We choose to believe that He has been the one to orchestrate many, if not all of those doors opening for us. It’s just going too smoothly to think otherwise!

Even though we’re going to miss what has been our home here in San Diego, SO MUCH!!! We are excited for a new adventure and a new life in Texas!

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