My Favorite Day

Today is my absolute favorite day of the year! A close second to Christmas and then Thanksgiving, today April 10, is my hubbys birthday! Yes, I adore my husband Joseph. His birthday is a very special day, but the reason it’s my favorite day is because it’s the day we met! you’ll have to excuse all of the exclamation points, I’m just excited to write about today! Filled with the most fond memories, I love to reminisce about what happened 13 years ago. Not only is this my favorite day, It’s also my favorite story to tell!…!!!

It was a Saturday morning. I was living in a cute little apartment in La Mesa. I woke up that morning, looking out the window from my bed noticing what a gorgeous day it was. With nothing planned, I called my good friend Taevyn, who was always up for an adventure, to see what she was up to. She DID have plans! She was going to a college friends birthday party. A fraternity guy from San Diego State…. no thank you! Turns out he was from AGO, a Christ centered fraternity. I could do that, so I happily tagged along to some random guys birthday party. Since I didn’t know anyone and I wasn’t interested in meeting a guy, I didn’t even bother getting all prettied up. I just went as my regular, everyday self. Which ultimately ended up working in my favor!

We got there at the same time as a super cute girl, who I was sure was someone’s girlfriend. She walked in before us and gave a hug to the most adorably, cute, handsome young man I’d ever seen. When that door opened, he’s the only person I saw in the crowded room. The birthday boy himself. I was absolutely sure he had to be taken, probably by that pretty girl, so I tried to push down all of my happy feelings. Of course Taevyn introduced me to him right away, and of course I couldn’t help myself and asked who his girlfriend was… He didn’t have one! Whoo Hoo, he was mine!! We spent the rest of the party flirting and talking and playing around the way young people do when they like each other. It was so much fun! After I pushed him in the pool, or I pushed someone in the pool… I guess some of the details are a bit mixed up, he and a few of his buddies brought an ice chest full of ice and water and dumped it on me… in the living room… on their couch! So silly, so fun!

Before I knew it, the party was ending and everyone was leaving. Except for Teavyn, me and Joseph’s roommates. Stage two, dinner. We all piled into a couple of cars and took a trip to the local taco shop. In a smaller crowd, we were able to talk a bit more. The more I learned about him, the more I liked him. I even found out that he preferred the regular version of me. Not the prettied up version I usually presented to men I was interested in. After dinner we headed to church. He was attending The Rock Church, which had a Saturday night service. I don’t remember anything about the service. I do remember sitting there goofing off with Joseph the entire time. We were drawing silly pictures on our programs. At one point he drew a little house with a little fence and a little chimney. I knew right then and there that I could marry this man. I may have even told him, hey that could be our house one day, and he gave me a knowing sideways smile.

Thinking about this day still makes my heart all excited. It’s hard to believe this all happened 13 years ago! It’s also hard to imagine that I love my wonderful husband even more now than when we first met. It’s like the saying goes, A true love story never ends. Without that day, I wouldn’t have the incredible life I have now. Every year on this day I think about meeting him, and how thankful I am that I did. He really is my happily ever after. Happy birthday hunny, today, on my favorite day!!


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