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English Lessons bringing out the Beauty

I love our English Lesson books! They are full of beautiful poetry, artwork and lovely short stories. They have nice short lessons that teach proper grammar and give opportunities for creativity and writing. My boys look forward to the lessons and so do I. Today, my 5th grader brought me a little story that he wrote, and I felt compelled to share. I love how creative and confident he’s become in his writing!

The assignment was…

Composition – A Plea for Life

A great oak tree has stood for more that a century near a busy street. Now a building is to be erected there, and the tree must be cut down

Imagine that you are the tree, and write a plea for your life. Tell how you have grown from a tiny acorn, how your shade has protected people from the sun, and how the birds have built nests in your branches. Let the last paragraph beg for continued life.

Here’s what he wrote

A Plea for Life20180320_1345341649577055.jpg

Please spare my life!

I have lived for many years

giving people shade and rest.

I have also seen many things

in my life and I wish to see

many more.

Please don’t cut me down! I give birds warmth and places to make nests. They like to rest on me while flying South for the winter.

Please do not destroy me

or cut me down. I wish to

have continued life for me

people and animals. Please

do not make me go away. I wish to stay, I wish to stay.


I love the heart of children! They see the world as a beautiful place without blemish. I love that homeschooling has allowed me to help preserve the innocence of my boys. This sweet little composition, made me think about that innocence. My son didn’t mention the destruction that was going to take place, the death that destroying the tree would bring. He focused on the positive. Without even realizing it, he only thought about the beautiful things the tree provided. So simple, so sweet.

20180320_1227251833723554.jpgToday is the first day of spring. I went outside today to look for the beauty that a day like today brings. The new growth on the ground, the little flowers starting to bloom, the tall green weeds overtaking my yard… even they have a mysterious, messy beauty. Days like today remind me of how blessed I am. It is a real blessing that I get to be with my boys all the time, that I get to be their teacher, that I get to witness their learning. Books, schooling tools and resources are super handy to have around. They definitely make life easier! I love that I get to choose my books, and this particular book, in my opinion, is one of the best. But really, the best tool is just being together! Learning about life together! Molding my kids character, teaching them how to navigate everyday moments. Yes, this book has enabled my son to develop his writing skills, but the thing I love most about his paper, is his heart. The sweetness of who he is shines through, showing the innocence he still has and how he sees the world. How sweet that our English lessons gave me this lovely perspective. English lessons bringing out the beauty…


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