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Beauty in …. Cleaning?!

When I’m busy doing, creating, taking the focus off of myself, I do better. Believe it or not, my go to creative outlet is usually cleaning. In what universe is cleaning creative?! It’s no secret that I love beautiful things. When I clean my house it’s an opportunity to make it beautiful again. I throw out the old and infuse new life into those sometimes stale corners. I love to arrange everything in a balanced, cohesive manner. Switching up the shelf decor, changing things out for different seasons, it’s so much fun! I figure, my family is ever changing, my home should be as well. Added bonus, when I really do a deep cleaning, it can be a great workout! Cleaning, of course isn’t my only creative outlet. When I really need to refocus, I love to draw or paint. I would not consider myself uniquely talented in drawing or painting, but it makes me happy and clears my mind. And what better way to add additional beauty to my home than with art created by my family.

I enjoy creating with my kids. We usually do a new piece each season and display it as artwork in our home

Brown Thumb Turned Green

Before baby #3 came along, I would spend hours outdoors working on my yard and visiting with the dogs, goats or chickens. Before that first yard, I had a brown thumb. All plants died by just being in my presence. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that I loved creating in the garden. My brown thumb had turned green! Flowers are my favorite, but it was super fun to plant a vegetable garden, fruit trees, berry bushes and experiment with plants I’d never considered using in the past. Fresh air, combined with the hard work it takes to keep up a garden were an ideal creative outlet for me. Now that I have two more babies of my own, I’ve had to find other ways to use my creativity, more conducive to the limited extra time I’ve have. The yard at my current house is a desolate wasteland. It’s just a season though. I’m positive I’ll have a beautiful blooming property again. I’ve even caught myself daydreaming about the layout recently! Maybe it’s not as far off as I thought!

One of my Favorites!

Before I had kids, I had lots of different jobs… completing kitchen and bathroom designs, working with flooring and other home improvement materials and selling window coverings. I spent time on job sites, designed cellular towers and worked on rebar placement drawings. It was fun at times, but I really wasn’t getting to do things the way I wanted while working for someone else. Now, I’m embracing my passion and doing things the way I want!  Beautifying homes is something I’m passionate about. I even enjoy going into a space just to rearrange, declutter or use what’s there to bring out the beauty that maybe someone else can’t see. I had the pleasure of creating a space that’s amazing for my family through our recent renovation, and now I’m hooked! I want to help more people love the space they’re in. Whether it’s just rearranging what’s already there, helping with a little refreshing or creating something completely new, I want to be apart of it!

An Unexpected Outlet


Blogging! Oh my goodness, it’s so much fun! I had no idea that I had so much in my head I wanted to get out. I decided to start a blog as a way to keep track of any design ideas or projects I do. Adding in aspects of my personal life seemed fitting, because home is a personal place. I don’t feel like I can adequately design, organize or arrange a space without first knowing about the people who are going to live there. Home should be a place that brings out the best in who you are, it’s personal. I want this blog to be a place that shows who I am as a person as well as an aspiring designer. As a fairly new venture for me, blogging about my life as a mom, wife and homeschool teacher, as well as any home or design topics has been a creative outlet that is unexpectedly rewarding. Stretching my creativity in this new way is exercising my brain, inspiring me to think outside of the box and allowing me to dream. I love it and can’t wait to see where, if anywhere, it takes me!

Last, but not Least


Last, but certainly not least, because I do it every single day of my life, is cooking. Not every meal is super fun and exciting, but every so often I love creating a really special meal for my family or friends. I love planning and coordinating everything so it pairs nicely together. The perfect appetizer that gets you ready for a well thought out entree. A special drink that makes you feel like the meal is an experience and a complimenting dessert to finish it all off. Adding music, adjusting lighting, creating ambiance with a lovely table setting to match the meal. I love it all! Meals this elaborate are few and far between. Everyday meals are special in their own way. Using creativity with food in my home is contagious. My son Jordan has more passion for cooking that I do. I love teaching him that experimenting with unique foods and adjusting recipes to fit his tastes can be a fun way to exercise creativity.

Creative outlets are wonderful! It’s fun to make beautiful things! Using my time doing activities that I love makes me happy; and if I’m happy I’ll be a better wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister… you get the idea. Creating to add beauty to the world helps me stay focused on all of the positive things life has to offer. I’m sure my interests and passions will continue to morph and change, as does most everything in life. Change is good, but it’s comforting to know that my love for my family and the passion I have for them will always be there. With each creative moment or outlet, or whatever you want to call it, they are the most important, worthwhile thing that I can spend my time on.

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