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Home Sweet Home

They have this saying for a reason. Home sweet home. I want my home to be just that. A place that is a sweet reprieve from the world. In the midst of the chaos that my family can be, I do what I can to make my home a warm, welcoming place. A place I want to be, where I can breathe, where I feel comfortable and safe. A place that inspires me and rejuvenates me. A place where a good cup of coffee in a pretty mug and a fresh baked cookie makes my day all better.

I love beautiful things. It makes me feel special when I’m surrounded by beauty. I HAVE to have my home look nice! If it’s messy and dirty, I feel completely weighed down. Besides being clean, the beauty of my home could be anything really. That pretty coffee mug, a new cozy blanket, a freshly planted garden in my backyard, or even just a new houseplant. Clean sheets and towels make me happy, a clear blue sky displayed through sparkling clean windows, a brand new candle, a book I’ve been wanting to read, a piece of artwork from my son, fresh cut flowers displayed in a simple glass vase. I love anything that someone has given their precious time to create. For me, it’s all in the details. I love for my home to feel special, sweet and comfortable without the clutter of life wearing me down. I want it to feel like a clean slate that allows me thrive in all I do.

I can also appreciate the saying Home is where the Heart is. My family is my everything. I know that if they’re safe, and with me, they’re all I really need. And of course my savior and Lord, God. Ultimately, He is what completely sustains me. God gives us and incredible amount of beauty to enjoy. He knows that we need it, that with beauty comes the rejuvenation that we all need. As a homeschool mom and stay at home wife, I spend most of my time at home. I need a space that I can thrive in. When I love the space I’m in, I do everything better. It makes me see the world and most importantly, my family with fresh eyes. I’m more forgiving, more easy going and much nicer to my kids when my home is treated as my ”sanctuary”. As that clean, special, lovely place I like it to be. It’s not perfect and it does have a nice lived-in feel that I think adds to the charm and comfort. But, it’s clean and has the beauty that I love, hopefully making it welcoming for not just me, also my family and friends.

Yes. My Home is where my Heart is AND it’s my Home Sweet Home.

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  1. Love it Jacee! And I feel the same way about my home! The struggle to keep it clean with 4 kids is real but it’s worth the effort. Love your heart! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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    1. Thank you Jamie! I was a little unsure about this whole blog thing, but you were one friend who inspired me with your blog. Being brave and sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world… Or at least the small part of my world that is willing to read it.


  2. Awesome job Bonus Neice! You have a lovely hearth and home! You have always been driven and creative. You have turned into a fine God fearing woman, wife & mother. I look forward to following your journey!
    Love and Hugs! 💙

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  3. You’re super talented and succeed at whatever you put your mind to! I can’t wait to see what’s on your mind LOL! Congrats on your first paying gig…you’ll do great!

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  4. That blog is beautifully written. I can just imagin how happy your home feels. Cannot wait to see the remodel.
    See you at the big birthday party. Blessings and Love, Beverly

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  5. So beautifully expressed! I love your outlook and it inspires me to keep refining my home to be a safe, warm and peaceful place to be.

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